The Handsome Man in Romance Stories
Dreame | 2020-05-20 02:51:19
Taking a look at some handsome man of Dreame's stories.

Who doesn't love an alluring male body? In good romance, the male protagonists have amazing good-looking and bodies that lure both the heroine and the reader. Today, we have chosen some attractive handsome man from Dreame’s romance and share with you. Enjoy reading it and pick your favorite body.

Demitrey from His Mate And His Mistress  


I couldn't help the way my eyes traveled down his toned body, admiring his sculpted chest and abs. His dark hair glazed in the sun, while sweat beads teasingly rolled off his skin.

His movements were fluent, flexible, and very agile.

And his muscles contrast with every movement, making me fantasize about how it would feel to be wrapped in them in a possessive manner.

He took down each warrior who attacked him with ease, and well, I couldn't help but feel turned on by just the sight of him.


Eliot from Diving Into You


The crowd was going crazy and I didn’t need to know who had just walked out. His lithe body seemed to glow in the over head light. 
My eyes weren’t the only ones to drift over those wash board abs , the narrow hips that tapered down into.. my eyes skirted away.
That ass.
The most famous ass in America if not the world. Barely contained in his trunks. Trunks which left absolutely nothing to the imagination.
 “Holy cow.”I muttered it under my breath and next to me Johnny laughed. 


Gideon from Marrying The CEO


"You're still dressed," Gideon stated, coming out of the bathroom, in nothing but his boxers. 


A blush colored my cheeks as I stared at my husband. The man was drool worthy, with corded arms and a defined chest. No wonder women screamed while they had sex with him; I had a feeling that he nearly crushed those poor females under him, causing them to scream like banshees. 


"Uh...yeah..." I finally found my voice.


Shaking his head with a small smile, Gideon strode over to me and quickly undid the buttons holding my dress together. Once all the buttons were undone, Gideon slipped the wedding gown off me, leaving me wearing nothing but my underwear, while I stood frozen.


Turning me around, Gideon took hold of my shoulders, then gently guided me to bed. Pushing me down, Gideon positioned me so my head was on the pillow, my body under his. 


"You're scared," he stated, caressing my cheeks. 


I was too scared to respond, the words lodged in my throat. Never in a million years did I picture this moment—me, married, having sex for the first time with my husband, all of this made me feel as if I was in an alternate universe. 


"Don't worry, just close your eyes, I won't hurt you." And he did it again, going back from being a tosser to being utterly sweet.


Ryker from The Billionaire Rockstar  


I look up and nearly fall out my damn chair when I saw who the voice belonged too. I swallowed hard, my lady parts going strange. I have never seen such a beautiful man. He must have been close to six feet tall. He had dark thick hair, the dark eyes to match. He has some stumble on his face. I moved my eyes down, looking him over. You can tell he works out too. He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a tight black tee, that showed every muscle. I found myself gripping onto the edge of the table. I did pull myself together after a minute, realising who he was. Ryker King, one of the biggest musicians in the world, had been for at least the last ten years.