The Vampire Prince's Blood Slave

Kholo Maenetsha Paranormal

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Newly awakened Prince Tavek Mowari, finds himself in a different world. A world where humans live with vampires as blood slaves. He’s resistant to the idea, but when he catches the scent of his selected blood slave more than his thirst awakens.

Selected to be a blood slave for the vampire Prince, Robin has one thing in mind…survival. But when the prince gives her the first bite that will cement their bond desire rips through her.
And she wants more…
And she’s not the only one…

Her blood sweet on his tongue, her touch soothing on his skin, Tavek finds himself caught in a web he cannot escape. As the lines beeen master and slave blur, he’s blind to the threat mounting in north, from the Forxard – his biggest enemy. Or the one close to home that almost takes Robin away from him.
Enraged Tavek exerts his revenge. And hopes he will survive, so can tell his blood slave…He loves her.


Tags: HEsadisticdominantpowerfulprinceroyalty/nobletwistedbxg
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