The Lord's Forced Bride (Ruthlessly Bedded)

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The man was super intimidating, his gaze was as cold as iceberg but looked at the unconscious figure in his bed lying there moaning made his whole body warm up.


His jaw tighten when she made no move.

Climbing on top of her he ripped her clothes off her leaving her innocent body bare in front of his hungry eyes.

"Please! Aahh! Hot! Why its so hot? Please help me! Aahh!..." she moaned sensually pulling him more closer to her wanton body.

He was going ane with desire.

He never knew he was going to meet her this way, with her begging him to make love to her body. He will have her even though tomorrow she was going to blame him for taking advantage of her.

"From the moment you are under me, you can only be my wife in this life!" That's when he lost control and took her delicious sweet body.

The room filled with their sound of their hot passionate night, it immediately become more hotter, he took her multiple times making her beg him crying to let her go.

In the middle of the passionate love making, she cried out in pain saying, "Ahh! It's so big! Stop it already! Are you a monster?!"
The most cold hearted, powerful, richest of all ADONIS KING was anything but a man who was a normal person with normal life. His entire life was filled with dangerous people that worked for him at his command. He was the King of this country.

When he saw her the very first time, he knew he had to get her, he was ready to punish everyone who will dare to stop him. They will die a very Tragic Death by him.


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