The Naive Mate of a Werewolf

Jasmine Kennedy Fantasy

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Kylie has it hard enough being one of the first dragon shifter/elf hybrids. While making her own name for herself she has to also deal with high school, being in a werewolf pack, mean girls. alphas, a mate, and don't forget the territory war beeen werewolves, magic users, witches and humans.
I froze as soon as I noticed it, this scent, it smelt like dominance, like super manly but at the same time a bit sweet. Point is it was a ridiculously pleasant scent so much that I wanted to fly after it.

“You dropped these?”

I didn’t even realize my books fell straight out of my hands, there’s a lot I didn’t realize when I first moved into the pack house and started attending the boarding school.

Book 2 in a series following The Innocent Mate of a Dragon but it could be read alone.


Tags: forbiddengoodgirlprincesslunaweredragondramaWriting Challengefemale leadhighschoolcoming of age
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