The Girl that has an Alpha for a Mate

Aislin Lee Paranormal

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Amanda Light, I am a normal girl but the thing is I don't live in a normal town and I don't go to a normal high school either I go to a highschool of werewolves because you guessed it I 'm human also I get bullied by the Stone Rock Fab 4 they call me humi plus they are gorgeous, and they told everyone at the school do not talk to me that also including my cous Arica, Xavier plus Xavier is one of the Fab 4 he is best friends with the demon himself Sage Stone, The Future Alpha of the Stone Rock Pack. So now its been a week since school started. I am heading to the Library but just as I was walking down the hallway. I heard a growl then when I look up I saw the most blueish grey eyes I have ever seen it was Sage Stone and next minute I felt being lifted up in the air and on to his shoulder he then shoved me in the Janitors closet I feel heavy breathing on my neck .."humi I mean girl" he says but then I wasn't focusing on him I was focusing on the locked door I was scared of him now then he says "you better not be talking to other guys " then he slammed me in the wall and says something in my ear stop wearing slutty clothes and showing your bits no one wants to see that and look at the filth" then I look down at myself then thought I just wore jeans also a T-shirt but then I look up at Sage he had his hands on my hips growling and he is clenching his fingers it was hurting then I said get off Sage now.


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