His baby girl

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Hi, I'm Arya, and my life is beautiful. I decided to enrol myself in a PhD program. My guide is a horrible man and paedophile. He is leaving no stones untouched to make my life and my PhD experience terrible. All he ever wishes to have is the reproductive organ in beeen my legs and that's why he is keep on rejecting my thesis so that he could compel me to satisfy his needs. I had almost decided to give up and get done with the man when life took a one-eighty degree turn and I stumbled over the doorsteps of a lovely couple with a not-so-lovely love story.

This isn't my story. It is theirs. She was HIS BABY GIRL and he belonged to her. they loved each other, adored each other the way no one in the world could. But it isn't an ordinary love story where the man gets the woman and they live happily ever after. It is far from ordinary.

However, they did ended up together, but will their married life be successful when the woman is running away from the man she loves.

A simple life was never the destiny of Saumya. She lost her father before she even stepped ide the world, leaving her with a single mother. The emptiness of a lost father can never be filled by anyone but Samarth has kept her going. He was her best friend since birth and the first person she could trust after her mother. Life became a little relaxing when they tied the knot, but who knows what destiny had planned for her.

With Genophobia lurking around in a corner, will she ever be a happily settled wife and reciprocate the love her husband was offering or will it compel her to move afar?


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