Interstellar Laws of Draconic Attraction

dracomiecal Fantasy

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Life was a dream until it wasn’t for Cara Matthis. All she expected for the summer was to go on a month-long trip with her fiancé, sightseeing and enjoying their time together. Yet suddenly it turned into a nightmare when was found guilty of illegal possession of S-class drugs and carted off into the highest maximum security in the galaxy.

Her dream of becoming a chemist right after graduation now shattered, she has to figure out how she’s been placed in this position and what she can do next. While figuring that out, she also has to worry about the beautiful atiable monster of a warden she has called King that seems to enjoy annoying the hell out of her.

With a crime she didn’t commit and other things popping out of the woodwork like a terrible nightmare that won’t end, Cara needs more than ever to stay fast on her feet or else she’ll succumb to a darkness she never expected.


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