The Beloved of the God of War

Mana Sol Fantasy

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COMPLETED || “And what sort of god are you, little one?” Zeus asks.

...“You know the Old Law,” Ares tells him. “You’ve asked her to Name herself."

Zeus waits, debating beeen the pleasure of denying his wayward son and satisfying his own curiosity. I see it the tant he decides. “Who are you?” he demands, and the power of the Sanctuary compels me. I can't stop it.

“I am the god of Naming,” I hear myself say.

“I Name the unknown and reveal it. I am the god of the things that do and do not pass, of the unchanging and the unbecoming, of the changing and the becoming; the god of new truths."

“I am the first of the new gods, the herald of the End of Days.”


In the modern day, the old gods are mere shadows of their former selves. Prophecies have foretold the end of the old era since its beginning, but the Olympians have resisted for eons, postponing their obsolescence - and demise.

But Fate will not be foiled. The Old World and the New have collided at long last, and humanity cowers as malevolent forces walk the earth once more. The gods continue to fade, struggling like winking stars in the void.

When the new godhood beg to ascend at long last, will the old gods finally bow their heads? Or will they join forces with Chaos and remake the world anew in blood?

Astraea is the First. She knows nothing except that she must survive in this harsh new world, mistrusted by all the old gods and hunted by enemies who seek her end. But why is it that she feels so drawn to the outcast in their midst - Ares, the god of war?


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