Sincerely Rogue {Completed}

Glory T!na Romance

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She scoffs in disbelief and she silently hisses, apparently someone is really full of themselves. "You cost me millions of dollars with the stunt you pulled on me Mr Von Quaint and you owe me."

He smirks darkly as he gets up from his seat and makes his way over to my side, taking his steps carefully, but possessively and the closer he gets, the higher my heartbeat goes. "Which are you most upset about? That you lost both your phone and the contract or that I left you undone, horny and desperately needing my big c**k in you? The one so impossibly big, you couldn't stop looking at it." He says with an uncensored sexiness that sends shivers down my spine and I clamp my legs together in control, but fail horribly because his blue eyes does not waver from mine and his gaze drinks in every little reaction my body makes.

No one needs to tell me that I am fucked and also that he knows it.


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