Everglean Romance

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Evelyn Marks traveled to Glasgow, Scotland where she meet an old women who gave her a strange gift that proves to be helpful in the journey she is about to embark on.

While she is in Scotland she decides to spend her time prating about and exploring. She wanders off into the Glasgow Necropolis cemetery which is one of the oldest cemeteries in Scotland. There she noticed a head stone that was unique in everyway possible. It was a normal looking headstone that was rounded at the top, but what made it so unique was the sphagnum moss dressings that were growing all over the headstone over all the writings except for a little statement it read "Here lays a savage man, with a savage soul. Do not disturb unless you wish him to claim yours." She wanted to see his name so she slowly and carefully started moving the moss away from the stone reveling the hand chipped script reading "Brodie Blackwood". What a strong and scary name she thought, she took a photograph of the headstone and than made her way back to her hotel. Once she was there she uploaded the photographs she had taken that day printing them all out and placing them in her portfolio. She laid in bed but couldn’t get the man's name out of her mind, she took the photograph out of the finely composed leather portfolio and opened her computer typing his name into the search bar showing paintings of the most stunning man she ever saw.


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