Dead Before Sunrise: Amber's Story (18 +) M.C. (Sample)

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WARNING: For Mature Audiences.

Explicit Content; Extreme/Graphic Violence; Conta scenes of a sexual nature; Obscene/Rapes; Upsetting; Disturbing; Offensives; Strong Language; Adult Situations.

With one phone call from Melissa, Amber's sister, Amber White, her family and friends' lives will never be the same. Amber wonders if she is in a dream where her book has become a reality. Soon after the call, Amber ventures forth with her youngest son, Davis, to get her oldest son Joseph and daughter Alexandria before the worlds of law and anarchy collides. Come along on the journey with this group of freedom fighters in the new America. At the same time, a zombie apocalypse (pandemic) starts. See Amber and her group's reactions when they find out these zombies are not the usual movie zombies they know. Let the plight take you away as the group navigates through zombies while human lawlessness ensues. This is a living nightmare full of carnage, murders, rapes, and tortures for Amber's group. What enemies are around the next corner for Amber and her group? What happens when zombies still have their human tincts? What does the future have in store for this group? Who will survive in this apocalypse of horror? What will happen to America/humanity?


Tags: murderdarklove-trianglerapesexzombieforcedkickass heroinetwistedapocalypse
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