No Ordinary Love Songs

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What happens if Miss-I-Get-What-I-Want falls for Mister-I-Want-My-Freedom? Can a love-match beeen them come smoothly?

Tiffany is the most famous girl in the university - rich, pretty, witty and talented. She gets everything she wants - or does she? She has both haters and admirers, but more than that, she is engaged to the hottest school hunk, Mike... the problem is, will she really be able to make Mike love her?

Mike has it all, except for one - the freedom to make choices. His father has it all planned for him, including the woman he will marry.

Will Tiffany get all she wants or will Mike be the first that she will never have?

The titles of each chapter is named after songs that best describe the emotions of the characters in the story. I hope you will enjoy the story as you listen to the songs suggested by the chapters' titles


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