The Streetfighter and the Gang Lord

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The Streetfighter and the Gang Lord.

One would expect the guy was the gang lord while the girl was the feisty streetfighter right? Oh how are you so wrong.


Xavier Coll was the streetfighter known as 'The Crusher' at night and the 'bad boy' at school. He was known for being arrogant, reckless, and has a pride of a boxer. But don't get me wrong, he doesn't sleep around like those players. No, he would rather spin his motor than sucking a girl's face.

Now, Meet Annalissa Winters. The 16 year old loner at school but the leader of the most feared yet respected gang in the town. Black Blood. Like her last name, her demeanor was of an ice princess in the cold winter, but that's what makes it more scarier.

Both of them are different yet in similar situation.

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