Let the Song Last Forever

J.D. Walker LGBT+

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"Evan Harper has been sleeping with Chuck Whistler for five months. They've kept it light, just friends with benefits. Unfortunately, Evan knows his feelings run deeper than he’s let on, and he doesn't want to pressure Chuck for more. He cools things off beeen them and hopes for the best.

Try as he might, however, Evan can't seem to put thoughts of the lead singer for Caesar’s Flame out of his mind, and things escalate when Chuck forces the issue. They have an argument, and Evan punches Chuck in the face.

The real problem is Evan hasn’t quite gotten over being betrayed and outed in high school, something that has tainted any relationship he might have had with anyone. But how can he explain that to Chuck? Especially when the man professes his love, in spite of a broken nose?"


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