Drug Lord's Kitten

Mia Romance

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A story about revenge, lust and fear.

- • -

"Show me your world," I said before closing my eyes and parting my lips open for him.

tead of feeling his luscious lips on mine, I felt a cold metal pressed agat my forehead.

A gun.

"This is my world,"

- • -

On a bright morning, Hanna woke up with only scattered memories of her kidnapping. She was back in her bedroom with no shackles tied to her legs. Everything was back to normal. Her parents believed it was another one of Hanna's nightmare and that she was being delusional about her kidnapping but at the end of the day, that wasn't the truth.

Hanna set out a mission to find her kidnappers and learn the reason behind being kidnapped at such a young age. Things take a ist when she comes across Angelo, a mob boss, a murderer, a billionaire and a drug dealer.


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