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ALEXANDER KNIGHT, known as AK in the world. 26 year old, hot, handsome, a heartless arrogant greek god. C.E.O of Knight Industries. Known as Casanova. Never respect any woman thought them as a gold digger who only know to grab money. For him emotions are meaningless.

EMMA MILLER, 22-year-old, cute, bubbly, kindhearted, a beautiful girl but Stubborn. She loves to help other people, respect everyone. Freshly graduated, seeking for the job. But got trapped by a billionaire in a contract.


What happens when these opposite personalities collide?

Will they able to handle each other or they will fall in love?

Let's find out.

Hello people,
This is my first book please do give it a chance. Thank you.


Tags: billionairepossessivecontract marriageopposites attractplayboyarrogantbadboyMulti-professional Billionaire Writing ContestWriting Challenge
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