The Innocent Mate Of A Dragon

Jasmine Kennedy Fantasy

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She's an elvish princess of a small kingdom, but what happens when she disobeys her father's orders and wonders into the dark forest where she meets a dangerous creature?
"Don't come any closer." He sneered, yet this only causes me to take a couple more steps near the beast. "But why? I do not understand. You do not wish to hurt me... do you?" I questioned him. The dragon roared loudly probably to intimate me expecting me to run but tead it excited me, I let out a soft giggle. "You do not cause me any fear." I now stood in front of his large head, My heart nearly raced out my chest. I never felt something like this, I was so anxious.
I knew just by looking at her gorgeous face that she was my mate, her vanilla scent gave me chills. It was law that if a elf ever spotted any of us that they were to be killed on spot, but how was I suppose to murder such a magnificent and delicate creature? I wanted to make her mine but it would end in her death for sure. 

A love doomed to fail.

A story where adventures are taken, friendships and relationships are forged, bonds are made, trust is tested and lost. This is where war beg.


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