• 1.The Alpha Prince and His Bride

    Alpha Prince Austin Lance Vinci had it all, he was the first born of king Jeremy ,the handsome prince who everyone loved and adored .He was also the alpha of the Moon Pack, the most powerful pack ever known .He had the perfect life and was ready to settle with his new found mate when everything suddenly fell apart. The kingdom was suffering financially and the only way to save it was to accept the marriage proposal of Princess Lucy Rosemary. Princess Lucy Rosemary loved her life even though she was the mistreated adopted daughter of the royal family, her life takes an unexpected turn when she's suddenly forced into an arranged marriage with the possessive, arrogant Prince Austin Lance Vinci. As if that's not all, she's soon to discover an entire world she never even knew existed.


  • 2.Sex with a Beast

    * Book 1 completed* *Book 2 Taming His Beast: http://www.ficfun.com/novel/1962124-Taming-His-Beast-(Book-2).html *Book 3 Intertwine: https://www.dreame.com/novel/rn2RVe6ri4iIbTNRMAmV1g%3D%3D.html "Anything for you." He turned to me. He walked over to me and stood between my legs; he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him. He leaned in, unknowingly sparking that stupid sensation I got every time he touched me....


  • 3.His, Forever

    Trigger warnings!! - rape, abuse, violence A mate is something every werewolf looks forward to having. They want to be loved, treasured and safe, but what if the one thing you need protecting from is your mate? _______________________________________________________________ Olivia Carson lost the one thing she thought she could count on having forever. Her family. After they died in a tragic accident, she found herself moving in with her best friend and holding out hope for finding the next best thing. Her mate. After years of hearing stories of how her mate would be the one to live and protect her for the rest of her life, she couldn't wait. All she wanted to endless love but instead the moon goddess granted her with eternal hatred. Her mate, Alexander Mason the alpha of the Red Moon pack, doesn't believe in the mate bond and grew up believing that mates are a weakness. The moment he meets Olivia, he finds himself instantly entranced by her but refuses to admit it to himself. He will do anything to ensure she suffers and is miserable. However, can they both deny the mate bond? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He actually wanted me gone. My mate, the one person who is meant to love me more than anything, wants to kill me, torture me and hurt me. Mustering all the courage I had left, I said the ten words that no wolf would ever want to see. " I, Olivia Carson, reject you Alexander Mason, as my mate!"


  • 4.His Possession(Completed)

    "If you would just obey me, I won't hurt you but no you gotta disobey me. What were the rules crystal? " He yells at me, at the same time kissing me roughly on the neck. Leaving hickeys for sure. "What were the fucking rules?Damn it! Answer me. " He thunders at me furiously. "Not..not to talk to an..any boy be..besides you. I'm sorry Jake. I..I won't do it again. I'll listen next time." I reply submissively. He looks at me for a moment. Then roughly shoves his tongue inside my mouth. Exploring every inch of my mouth. Dominating me through one mere kiss. He bites my lip harsly making it bleed a little. I whimper in pain and start weeping silently. "Little one you'll listen next time. I'll make sure of it." He whispers in a threatning voice. He finally takes off his boxers and puts his tip at my entrance. Trying one last time to stop him I mutter. "Jake please, even if you loved me for once, if I meant something to you, if our relationship meant something to you then don't do this. Please don't do this." I plead. "You mean nothing to me. You're a whore." He spits with as much venom as he can. In one swift move all of him is inside me. What happens when you fall in love with the school's bully mistaking him for the nice guy? What happens when he thinks you cheated on him and now wants revenge. That's exactly what happened with Crystal. Will Jake break Crystal in the process of taking revenge? Will he be to blind to see the truth and break Crystal beyond repair? Moreover will he finally stop hurting her?


  • 5.The Italian Don

    "I fucking hate you!" I screamed at Lukas. His low chuckle chilled me to the bone and I involuntarily took a step back from him, as he took a few menacing steps forward. "You weren't saying that when I had you tied to my bed, with my face buried between your thighs." He sneered. Fury took over me, and before I could think about it, I was in front of him, my hand swinging back to punch him in the face. Before my hands could touch his face, he grabbed my wrists, pulling me against him. I thrashed against him, trying to free myself, only to brush against the stiff erection in his shorts. "Now listen to me, and listen to me very well Rhea. You're going to do what the fuck I say, or I will kill all your family members one by one. Starting with your papà. Got me?" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lukas Cavalli. A name that struck fear in people's heart. He is known for being cold, ruthless and a downright bastard. He preyed on those who were weaker than him, using their weaknesses to his advantage. He had to. He was the Boss of the Italian Mafia. He had many people try to take him down already, had some of his own turn on him, but he always remained untouchable. That is, until he met Rhea Castallenos. The fiery little beauty who was not afraid to tell him where to shove it. Rhea Castallenos didn't know she'd end up in this situation. With her father's company almost bankrupt, she wanted to help in whatever ways she can, but not like this. Not being sold to one of the person's she fucking despises the most. Rhea and Lukas are complete opposites. But maybe they're just what each one needs....


  • 6.Alpha's claim

    "You are my toy. MINE." His voice was starting to get dark, but I was starting to get mad. "I am not yours, will never be." That moment he seemed to snap. He hovered over me. His face was inches away from mine. It seemed like he was going to kiss me. "You are mine. Mine to hold. Mine to kiss. Mine to kill." He was so close. He was breathing fast against my cheek. He was angry. "Then kill me already."


  • 7.The Two Mr. Kings

    Eden was 15 when she met her new neighbors Harper and Jasper King, the billionaire brothers who her alcoholic abusive mother has her eyes on. Eden expected them to be like all the other men who walked into her life. They surprise her by being nice and understanding. Now that Eden is 19, she thinks of them as brothers but do they think of her as a sister

    T.C. Bosarge

  • 8.The Alpha's Rejected Mate

    Being rejected is one of the most painful feelings that someone could go through. Claire has been rejected by everybody, her brother, her friends, and last but not least, her mate. Sick of it all, Claire tries to put a stop to her life, however, she fails. Knowing of Claire's attempt at her life, her mate feels regret for his actions and he tries to earn her forgiveness, but Claire is far too gone. Will he be able to get her back, or will he have to rule without a Luna, or most importantly, live without his mate?


  • 9.The Alpha Demon's Kidnapped Mate

    She lay shackled by heavy silver cuffs to the cold metal table listening intensely for his dreaded footsteps. The silver cuffs burning like acid on her delicate wrists and the wolves bane flowing through her bloodstream like burning lava she tried in vain to summon her wolf to break free. She began to whimper, it was no use with her weakened state courtesy of her daily doses of force-fed wolves bane and the bondage of silver she lay vulnerably like his prey trying to block the images of his rough unwanted hands roaming, pinching and squeezing intimate parts of her body that no one but her wolf's mate should ever touch from entering her mind whilst tears streaked her porcelain skin, her rosy lips began to quiver as she tried not breakdown in fear and let him see her broken spirit. Life was not always a daily cycle of abuse for Isabelle, in fact, she had a happy childhood raised by her loving Mother and Father whom where the Alpha and Luna of the Golden Moon pack - a well respected and peaceful pack who lived a quiet life until the night of the bloody massacre. The massacre that wiped out the Golden Moon pack and ended with Isabelle bearing witness to her family's execution at the age of just 7 Isabelle was then kidnapped by the Alpha of the rogues who murdered her pack, who decides to keep her his as his chosen mate. After a decade of torture, Isabelle manages to escape a week before her 18th birthday. Running for her life she crosses into the territory of famed Demon Alpha where she soon discovers they are the fated mates. Will Isabelle live happily ever after with her mate ? or will the Rogue Alpha recapture her?


  • 10.His Mate

    It was the annual mating Ball for werewolves. Every year , they host a ball where girls and boys from all over attend to find his/her mate. Samantha Skylar Wright is attending this year. She fears her mate won't love her, but will he? Jack Hugh Larove is a most feared alpha around. Noone messes with him. He didn't want to attend the ball but he must for his pack. With totally different expectations, what happens when these two unlikely souls meet, What if they are mated for life? © KrishnaSelvi N All rights reserved.