DAILY UPDATES SECOND BOOK IN HIW SERIES *** The only mistake she ever did was love him with all of her heart and now it's costing them both dearly. *** A blackmailer is on the loose. Disturbing secrets coming out. Heartbreaks, betrayals, exes, new love stories. Lana has to choose; will it be her heart or her son? The decision may not be as easy as it looks.

    Lyn Monreal


    UPDATES EVERY DAY EXCEPT WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY Scorned, hated, jailed, and humiliated, Princess Elizabeth has tasted every bitter drop that comes with being a bastard Royal. *** "With all due respect, Princess, how is someone as pathetic, and powerless as you even have ambitions higher than the mountains of Varci? Has it ever crossed your mind that the council would never let a bastard change their way of ruling?" His gaze rested upon me, a daunting look on his features. His snide comments were not a bother to me. "I've lived my life in fear and being taunted for being a bastard, but now I'm a queen, Theo. Do you really think a few arrogant noblemen would stop me from changing the game?" I fired back with a smirk.

    Lyn Monreal


    FREE UNTIL COMPLETION!!! UPDATES ON MONDAY, FRIDAY AND SARTUDAY "Fuck!" He cussed under his breath, feeling the twist in his pants at the sight of the raven-haired beauty. She was distractive. Way too distractive.

    Lyn Monreal

  • 4.His Arranged Bride

    “I hate this marriage just as much as you do but there’s nothing we can both do about it! Our families have decided. I will meet you at the engagement party” He said to her as they sat down at the coffee place. Due to her father’s financial problems Gillian Is sent on a blind date by her family to meet with L. A’s notorious play boy only to find out that she’s meeting her future husband


  • 5.Indebted (ENGLISH VERSION)

    Tara grew up in a well-off family but was forced to live in poverty just five years ago. But when she's plunged back to an extravagant life of the Montevalleses, she realizes she doesn't want that kind of life anymore, especially one full of secrecy. One possessive man is enough. Two of them are too much. Thrice is surely a poison that kills a person. But if the two of them is a father and son, one is their second-in-command, it will be damn too much of poison and enough to send the 21-year-old Tara Andrada on edge, curling her toes, and gripping the sheets for her dear life.

    Josiah Dela Cruz

  • 6.Wingless and Beautiful

    Beautiful Allison Harley is far from perfect. She was a victim of domestic violence that left her physically scarred and emotionally broken. Hunter Vaugh was handsome, rich and brilliant. He was a golden boy who thought he was invincible until a tragedy took away his perfect life… along with his ability to see. When they met, Allison was running away from her nightmares, and Hunter thought he had no reason to undergo the treatments needed to recover his eyesight. He was blind, but he saw how beautiful she was, and she gave him a reason to live… a reason to see again. She was his angel, and he was hers. Hunter went away with a promise that once he returns, he will be able to see her, protect her… be the guardian angel she deserved. But once he got his eyesight back, can he look past the scars that her nightmares left her? Will he still keep the promises he made when he left? Or will he go back to his perfect life and leave her in the hands of the new angel, who took care of her when he left?

    Jerilee Kaye

  • 7.Through Countless Reincarnations

    Their love story started in the 19th century. Lucian is a demon who makes contracts in return for souls. Genevieve is a young lady with a heart's desire to avoid an arranged marriage and comes seeking Lucian's help. Their love story comes to a temporary end when tragedy befalls her and Lucian embarks on a quest to find her again. But every time he finds her, she dies almost immediately and never reaches 18. Then one day in modern day London he encounters her again and she doesn't die. It almost seems like this time is the one. However there is something darker at play this time and nothing is as it seems.


  • 8.Satisfied Secrets (18+)

    *Update Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays* Jenna has a dark secret she’s kept from her step-sister: she admitted her love for Caroline’s groom at their wedding and had a heated make-out session. Caroline has a dark secret of her own: she has always been in love with her little step-sister, Jenna. And Troy has always been caught between his love for the Clover sisters since high school, unwilling to stop loving either of them. So when Caroline invites Jenna to move in with them, will their secrets finally be satisfied or will it break them apart? [+18 For Mature Content of detailed sexual exploration]


  • 9.Her Only Hope

    Corina has had an awful introduction into adulthood. After her family dies, she went to live with an uncle who abused her daily. Her one hope was meeting her mate and hoping he could take her away from it all. Unfortunately for her, her uncle has other plans. Life has other plans and her mate may not be who she thinks. Who is she to trust?


  • 10.King Adrian's Mate

    Legend has it that the Crescent moon pack is the oldest in history where all wolves originated from. Every 100 years a Wolf/ Lycan King is born with certain abilities. Those abilities start coming forth when that wolf becomes of age.


  • 11.Her Protector

    It's been a year and a half since Nova and Maxon completed their mating... Things were going wonderfully until someone starts sending Nova threatening letters and dead things. Normally, Maxon would've just sent out a search party to find the bastards, but they're smart. They use silver powder on everything making it hard for Maxon and the pack to get anything from it. Not to mention Nova's gifts haven't been working to well lately, and to top it all off Maxon knows Nova is keeping something from him, but he won't push her into telling him; scared he'll push her away. When the threats hit too close to home, Maxon makes a choice that will forever alter his life. Whether it is good or bad Maxon doesn't know yet. All he knows is that he will do anything to keep Nova safe.


  • 12.Siren's Calling [COMPLETED]

    To get a mate is blessing, To get a mate is the cure for everything wrong. That's what Cornelia Warner grew up hearing. Princess of the Sirens, Cornelia Warner was kept away from the world by the walls of her palace. She was unaware of the cruelty, the blinding lies that lay outside. Her only wish was to meet her mate and explore the world for what it was worth. Aetius Barak hadn't seen sunlight in years. He was imprisoned, chained, restrained, all because he was too powerful for the world. His only reason of sanity lived far away from him, hidden away among the stone walls. But who was able to restrain a flowing river that was destined to meet the Ocean? She was the little good left in the world and he was everything bad, she was the light of stars in the night and he was darkness itself. A Siren and an Alpha, an odd pairing made against the norms of the supernatural realm.


  • 13.His Possession(Completed)

    "If you would just obey me, I won't hurt you but no you gotta disobey me. What were the rules crystal? " He yells at me, at the same time kissing me roughly on the neck. Leaving hickeys for sure. "What were the fucking rules?Damn it! Answer me. " He thunders at me furiously. "Not..not to talk to an..any boy be..besides you. I'm sorry Jake. I..I won't do it again. I'll listen next time." I reply submissively. He looks at me for a moment. Then roughly shoves his tongue inside my mouth. Exploring every inch of my mouth. Dominating me through one mere kiss. He bites my lip harsly making it bleed a little. I whimper in pain and start weeping silently. "Little one you'll listen next time. I'll make sure of it." He whispers in a threatning voice. He finally takes off his boxers and puts his tip at my entrance. Trying one last time to stop him I mutter. "Jake please, even if you loved me for once, if I meant something to you, if our relationship meant something to you then don't do this. Please don't do this." I plead. "You mean nothing to me. You're a whore." He spits with as much venom as he can. In one swift move all of him is inside me. What happens when you fall in love with the school's bully mistaking him for the nice guy? What happens when he thinks you cheated on him and now wants revenge. That's exactly what happened with Crystal. Will Jake break Crystal in the process of taking revenge? Will he be to blind to see the truth and break Crystal beyond repair? Moreover will he finally stop hurting her?



    As a normal girl, Mishty dreamed to have the most romantic life with her husband. Her life is so simple. SCHOOL+COLLEGE+JOB+LOVE+MARRIAGE. She is always a free happy soul waiting for her prince charming to enter her life. But What will happen when she is married to a person who actually was ready to marry her sister?. what will happen when she cant even decide?. Whether she will be able to accept her fate? on the other hand, Siddharth who doesnt know anything other than his business and his sister, was forced to marry a girl who is exactly opposite to him in every aspect. can he give a chance to his life? can he accept her in his heart? ****** When a hard wall gets cracked with crazy sponge, twisted journey will start.

    Rehana Siraj

  • 15.Blind

    A blind girl gets kidnapped by Don of the Italian Mafia and has no choice but to live with the Mafia family. Will she fall for the Don or will she run?

    bokang mokhosi