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Hello, lovelies. Thanks for scrolling down... I am UTPREKSHA. You can call me UTTU. Basically, a bookworm people's brain is my favourite food......I am veryyyyy talkative. New interest KPOP...❤❤ Loves to travel✈, foodie ...! Inspiration center MUNIBA MAZARIA..... Believe in individuality. Instagram; I'm on Instagram as @utprekshagupta02.
Loving The CEO
Updated at Oct 27, 2022, 00:40
ALEXANDER KNIGHT, known as AK in the world. 26 year old, hot, handsome, a heartless arrogant greek god. C.E.O of Knight Industries. Known as Casanova. Never respect any woman thought them as a gold digger who only know to grab money. For him emotions are meaningless. EMMA MILLER, 22-year-old, cute, bubbly, kindhearted, a beautiful girl but Stubborn. She loves to help other people, respect everyone. Freshly graduated, seeking for the job. But got trapped by a billionaire in a contract. "THE CONTRACT OF MARRIAGE" What happens when these opposite personalities collide? Will they able to handle each other or they will fall in love? Let's find out. Hello people, This is my first book please do give it a chance. Thank you.
Losing Heart Hopelessly
Updated at Apr 2, 2022, 09:59
Losing Heart helplessly ‘Marriage is like a gamble, there is no sure - shot way to predict its success.’ And the rate of success became more low when it kinda forced on a couple. Myra and Aarav, the two totally different individuals busy with their own life, suddenly found themselves tied unwillingly in a sacred bond known as MARRIAGE because of a business arrangement between their families. Their first unexpected meeting was a disaster and the second one was shocking. Will they be able to endure each other's proximity and sparks or will they break apart? Character Introduction Aarav Sinha, twenty-eight year old, The Big Boss of Sinha Industries, a heartless, cold and rude arrogant, full of power but helpless when the table turns to his parents. His world revolves around his parents and his little sister. He has everything, His life is perfect, what more does he want? Myra Gulati, twenty-five year old, beautiful, intelligent, hardworking, passionate and independent girl. The heiress of Aura textile Industries. She is fearless and brave but helpless when it comes to her parents. Her life is perfect, what more does she want? MAYBE LOVE ? Let's see…!