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STORY BY Fiona Holmes

Sexy Therapy for My ED Alpha

Sexy Therapy for My ED Alpha

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Winnie’s jerk husband was sent to the hospital with his mistress and she was the attending doctor! Furious, Winnie went to the bar to drink and met a hot werewolf. And that werewolf seemed to be her mate! ... “Jason, what should we do if your huge stuff is injured?” A girl sitting at the bedside pouted at the man. “I thought you prefer the toys.” Jason smiled mischievously. “How could toys compare to your huge stuff?” The girl made a face. Winnie clenched her fists, nails digging into her palms. Jerk! She cursed in her mind. She took a deep breath and said professionally, "Overexertion led to nervous tension." Seeing that it was Winnie, Jason yelled to her, "How can you diagnose without looking? Aren't you a doctor in this area? You actually love looking at these, right? Look at it!" Reaching out her hand, she checked his injured part with the pen.  "Aargh!" Jason growled in a low voice.  "But yours isn't HUGE enough. Oops, looks like you need to hospitalize for five days now." Winnie snorted. ... After work, Winnie’s bestie, Linda dragged Winnie to a famous local bar for the non-human. “Winnie, you must dump that jerk! Your wolf hasn’t shown up yet. That jerk may not be your mate. Here, drink this and find yourself a hot guy tonight.” Soon, Winnie was so drunk. Winnie blankly gazed at the man in front of him. He looked so handsome, even more stunning than a Geek God. Winnie couldn’t think straight. Was he a gift from the Moon Goddess? To remove her pain?

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