Alpha Ragnar

M.L. Hatter Vampire/Werewolf

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Alpha Ragnar's mate has been murdered. He watched as she was taken from the world in front of his entire pack. Now, he's on a journey to deal with his pain, but what happens when a woman claiming to be his second chance mate comes along? Can he find it in his heart to open up to her, or will there be a brutal turn of events? Amidst secrets and lies, there is only one
person he can count on, but though she is dead, her promise remains very much alive.
What if she does too?


Tags: DarkPossessiveReincarnationKarma/DestinyBody ExchangeSecond ChancePowerfulDramaTragedy
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Chapter 20

Stormie POV 
My eyes are sore from all the tears I've she'd over the past three days. 
I love him. How could he do this? Has he been doing this or is it just since I died that he took a

"Stormie! Thank God, there you are!"
I turn from my spot on the small cot and see R rushing in. 
"How did you find me?"
The tall……