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I started walking towards her and she looked up in my eyes when she felt my steps towards her. she started walking back till her back hit the wall. i kept taking steps towards her till i stood right in front of her. i placed my hands on either side of her and leaned down to her ears. i was so close to her but i not touching her anywhere.

Are you scared that i will do something? I asked while she starred a me with wide eyes.
This is a story of a girl and a boy who are stranger to each other. But what will happen when they both will be arranged to marry each other by their parents because of a reason which is unknown to her. Will they be able to adjust with each other? And what will happen when the truth will be reviled?
Read the story to find out...

NOTE: Please don't judge the story by only reading the first chapter. And as English is not my first language, please ignore my mistakes.
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