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Snow Angelie Dela Cuesta Fernadez is one of the heiresses of the Dela Cuesta Airlines and the Fernandez Chain of Hotels. She also became a famous Singer. While Nash Wilson Madrigal is one of the famous Criminal Lawyers in town and also came from a prominent family.

Snow meets Nash in her senior years in high school. The moment that she saw him. She admits, that she fell in love at first sight. She always sends him letters and poems. She confessed her love through it. Until one day, she told him face to face that she loves him. Unfortunately, Nash didn’t accept it and just turned her down.
She never stops following him around. She even did stalk his account. It only stops when the tragedy happened to their family, then everything has turned upside down.

Snow is so heartbroken from the loss of her father and her younger sister. But she tried to fight every day so her siblings wouldn’t worry. She felt so down but she needs to help her family to find her younger sibling Shannon.

The young girl who's afraid on camera and loves to value her privacy is not anymore. Ironically, she became the most famous pop balladeer singer in the Philippines, the reason why the cameras love to follow her around.

Through the years, their paths cross again.

She confesses again her feelings to Nash for the last time. But it only caused her humiliation. Being a public figure it's not so easy for her to have her privacy. Some people bash her about it. Still, many people admired her for being so brave.

Nash Wilson is so annoyed with Snow. That's why he always turns down her Confession. He just can't take it though. The girl he envisioned for him is someone he can be proud of. He thinks that Snow is a not woman he wanted for himself. He viewed someone that will complement him like Aistrielle Shine Dela Cuesta Fernandez or his best friend Natalie Ramos.

Snow was so broken. It's like everything came down to her, the harsh words and the rejection. She started to lost her confidence in herself. Then, suddenly she realized that she has to move forward for good or else she can't be move. She doesn't want to be tagged as " the girl who can't be moved."

When the time that Snow already moved on from everything. Nash already falling for her.

Can you still bring back the love you lost?

" I never thought that loving you is to lose myself!" As she broke down.

Or you'll just let it go and moved on!

This is a work of fiction.

The music used in this story was originally composed by the author.

All rights reserved.
Property of Joname V. Bajo


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