The Assassin

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'Learning someone's past is acceptable, but finding out who someone really is can also put your life in danger.'

Angel Fernandez was a Composer for Musically. She may seem kind and patient but deep down ide her, she was dying. Her boss asked her to write a love song because all the songs that she wrote in the past was about sadness, depression and brokenhearted ones. Main reason was because he wanted the old Angel back. Back to when she was happy writing love songs.

That all changed when she lost her mother due to cancer. She lost herself and started writing negative songs. Everyone hated how she suddenly changed. There are multiple times where she tried to kill herself but her friend, Sean, would always save her. She never believed in love due to her unforgettable past.

Ever since the day that Angel met Lucifer, her life began to change. She learnt how to love again and her old self was slowly returning. Loving someone was forbidden in his Lucifer's group because of who they were, but he followed his heart and took the risk. Now they both have to face the consequences when a mysterious man appeared out of nowhere.

"Let's be friends okay? Together and forever?" The girl said to Lucifer.
"What's your name?" Lucifer asked.

"I don't have one." The girl replied.

"How about I give you one?" Lucifer suggested.

"That would be cool!" The girl beamed.

"Angel, Angel suits you because..." Lucifer stopped at mid sentence.

"Because?" The girl leaned closer to hear his reason but Lucifer turned away.

"Angel, I have always loved you and I'll always stay beside you even if it means sacrificing my life to you. You will always be in my heart, together and forever..."


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