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Ordinary story + Extra spice = Extraordinary plot

[ Bella's boyfriend, who seemed too sincere, was cheating.
He thought that she would make a fuss, but nothing happened even after she saw him cheating with his friend.
Though he is in love with someone else right now, he is not the kind of person to dispose his best girlfriend, who took care of him. So, he decided to be a matchmaker.
He tried to match her with one of his best friends, but something seems to go in the wrong direction!!

Bella knew what he was up to, but she never cared about it.
He thought that he was playing around with her, but he never knew that he was the one being played around.....
He never imagined that he was nothing but a passing cloud in Bella's life.

Then who is the person who Bella loves? ]

Everything seems so ordinary right?
But The mysterious Bella and the people around her will always make trouble, one way or another...... So, how can everything be ordinary.

To know more about the mysterious Bella and her better-half, read till the very end.

{ I am new to writing novels, so I may make mistakes in grammar. But I am sure that the novel is readable, if anything is not understandable, comment and I will try my best to let you understand.}


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