My Duke Won't Leave Me



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"Why did you leave the organization Master"; A young man in his mid-enties whined in front of a young girl.
"I wanted an early retirement Seven"; She answered drinking her coffee in a dignified way. Her long black hair was tied in a high tight pony while her brown doe like eyes held amusement in them.
"This is not an early retirement; you just turned enty master. You are leaving. What if we need you? What if I cannot handle the threat?"; He said in a low tone.

"I am just a call away"; replying she walked out of the coffee house not wanting to talk any further.

"Miss Ruhi; Seven has gone missing"
The girl stood in front of an interdimensional spell while a man was choking on his blood looking at her in horror.
She walked in middle of the spell as she vanished with the spell.

She stood blocking a sword by catching the tip of it within her o fingers.
"Now this is not the way to greet an interdimensional guest"; She said smiling at a buffed up tanned man. The man wearing a refined blue knight uniform, narrowed his eyes at the girl who was half his size.
Ruhi smiled at the sceptic expression on the man’s face.


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(Ch-76) Duke Bennett

Felix knocked on Philip’s study and entered after hearing a faint ‘come in’. He looked at Philip who was in deep thought. He knew that what Miss Ruhi has said made Philip angry but he must be questioning everything right now.

“What is it?”; Philip asked but he kept his eyes towards the window.

“I need to go back to fief; ……