Dangerous Billionaire

Yasmin Shaban Other

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What will you do you if you fall in love with someone? Try to pursue them?
Do good things to make them fall for you?
Will you kidnapped the person you love, to make them agree to love you back?
Yes Kidnap..
In this our hero Kabir Roy falls in love with our heroine Shreya and next thing she knows, she is kidnapped by devil himself. He does everything to torture her to make her agree...
When she finally agrees to love him, there's more drama waiting for them.
Their life have many ups and downs, misunderstandings, lies and many more.
Come and join the roller coaster journey of Shreya and Kabir.


Tags: KidnapKarma/DestinyHighschoolArrogantGoodgirlStudentDramaTragedy
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As many of you are confused who killed Shreya so this is for them....

Scene 1

Kabir pov

Everything in my life now seems to be dull.  I just staying happy for my children. At start Kaya didn't eat or sleep with……