Innocent [Book Two]

Amira Vampire/Werewolf

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London Lawson is daddy's little girl. She knows the rules when it comes to rogues and the rules when it comes to marriage. She has two problems, she's engaged to be married when she's 18, and her mate is a rogue. Will she get out of the arranged marriage, and her dad accept her mate, or will she choose the arranged husband?


Tags: WerewolfAlphaArranged MarriageSensitivePowerfulLunaDramaTragedy
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London Lawson 

"Bane, can you please get the door!" I called down the stairs, holding my pregnant belly gently, caressing it with strength with one hand and holding my two-year-old son on my hip tightly so I didn't drop him. 

I carefully made it down the stairs, side-stepping through the hallway with Jord……