The Abused Mate

Tisha Bliss Fantasy

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Humans always say life is always full of roses, but not in my case, I go to were high, yes you guest it I'm a werewolf, I'm seventeen years old, my birthday is in a few days, that's when I do my first shift in they say find my mate, but like the Alpha says, who wants a girl like me, let's go back a little three years ago me and my parents went fishing at the territory river, more like drowning bait. It was getting pretty late, so we decided to pack up and get back home. Before we even took three steps, rogues came and attacked my parents fault back. But there was just to many of them, the pack found me a few hours later balled up in a bush crying dirty and covered in blood, they blamed me for my parents death, that's when my life turned to complete hell


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