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***She took another gown which was pale blue and off shoulder, and started wearing.

Jace step forward to help her.

he zipped up the gown and trailed his finger over her bare shoulder making her shiver under his touch.

She shivered and a gasp left her mouth.

Jace's eyes darkened a shade more if that was possible.

He pulled her into his arms and tangling his finger in her open hair , grabbing back of her head , he smacked his lips on her's .

Soon they were lost in heated kiss, their lips perfectly moulding and fitting ,tongues fighting for dominance ,teeth colliding due to urgency ,biting and sucking of lips.***


Jace is hot, rich and handsome playboy . He is most desirable bachelor of NY city. He has a girlfriend but not in a serious relationship. He changes girlfriend after a shot time like changing his clothes.And marriage ? No way..Untill Sophia. He has a best friend Sophia , only she understands him very well and never judge him . She always support him and he is always there for her. That's why they are best friends . Sophia is a ambitious girl. She works part time and studies in a famous school with scholarships . She has no boyfriend . Her only focus is her carrier. Falling in love is not in her list . But after a night of passion , they crossed the line beyond friendship. There is a spark and chemistry , they both can't ignore . But Sophia wants no complecation. And Jace wants to chase her after and make her fall in love with him. This is a swet journey of their falling in love inspite of all the differences and difficulties. With many misunderstanding and fights how they reach their happily ever after. Come and read in this most romantic book.


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