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Liam Colorado is seventeen years old, has no idea what to do with his life and is counting the days until he turns eighteen.
All he wants to do this summer is relax down at the beach and have fun with his best friends. He never thought he'd meet a girl. Summer is the definition of perfect in his eyes. She makes him laugh, she knows just what to say at the right times and she never fails to take his breathe away.
Liam wants to be everything he can for her but he doesn't have much to give. His dad wants him to join his company, which he refuses to do. His mom has never been around much, she'll be home for a week and disappear for a month. His parents are loaded but he himself is broke.
Will just his love for her be enough?
Summer Green is seventeen years old and has been waiting all year to get away from the horrors people call home. Her dad's a drunk and her mom does drugs. She has this one summer to be away from all that and be herself for once. Not the girl that she has to be back home. Not the girl that has to pick up all the broken bottles on the floor.
Her cousin, Oliver, invited her to his friends beach house for the summer. Right away she had accepted the invitation. When she got there she met handsome beautiful Liam. She soon falls for him and finds herself putting down her walls. She doesn't trust easily and why would he like her? He's a masterpiece, a work of art made into a person. Will Summer's inability to trust and her low self esteem get in the way of their relationship?


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