The Vow Of Her Wizard King (Book 1 of Wizard Series)

Ruby Faizal Fantasy

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Allister Regmore, the king of the white wizards. The most powerful one to ever be born in the century.
On his visit to the human world he fell in love with an orphan human girl. Leaving his kingdom unprotected he persuaded to woo the girl who conquered his heart.
A week before their marriage, war broke beeen the white and the dark witches and he was forced to leave her, erasing her memories of him.
Arianna woke up one day alone in a house with no memory of her love except the name Allister. All she had was a child she discovered she is carrying a week later.
7 years later she was finally on her feet as a single mother working to support her charming son.

What happens when she was kidnapped by a group of people who keeps referring to her as the King’s bride? What happens when she finds herself in a world of magic and wizardry?
But most importantly...
Why does the King of Wizard oddly look like her son?


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