Mated to Her Alpha


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Lucinda a normal girl or so she thought, when she meets a guy with piercing eyes that always seem to change and an attraction she can't ignore, she is thrown into the chaos of her past where she learns that maybe just maybe not everything is as it seems and you can't trust anyone. A place where werewolves and witches exist and hormones are the least of your worries.

That's when it hits me the most delicious, amazing scent of oranges and spice with a little something I can't put my finger on but it's like I must get to it and taste it before its gone.

I backed up slowly as the rogue turned towards me blood dripping from its curled up lips If I try and shift now he will get to me before I can attack.


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Lucinda's (POV)

It took a whole day to walk back to our pack house with my dad unable to shift as the spell the witches had put on him hadn't worn off yet, I would have to get him an antidote to wolfsbane as that was likely the cause.
It was midnight when we approached the doors to the house and It was quiet outside but the house was a……