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A sneak peek******

*******She was so embarrassed , she couldn't look up at him. Bending her head down she waited for his response.

After a long silence and not getting any response , she looked up to find he was looking down at her with his soft brown eyes.

Seeing her finally looking at him he came near and said, " We did nothing wrong and I am not going to apologize."

He gently put his hand on the side of her face , his thumb slightly grazing over her cheek , he continued, " You are my wife... legally."*******


Can a heartless billionaire fall in love with his arranged wife ?
Come let's find out together .....
Eva was married to Ethan Tylor, the most successful, handsome and the hottest man of the country as well as the ruthless and cold hearted billionaire .

After spending 8 Years in the hope that her husband would fall in love with her until one day , on an unfortunate night she found that she was living in false hope. Broken heart she went out to meet an accident and then .... Their lives changed.

After Eva walked out of Ethan's life , he chased after her.

He started showing his love for her in so many ways which she had ever dreamt of.

With conspiracy and secrets, love will find its place in their hearts.

With many heart breaks and all the drama , a happy ending was waiting for them .


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A/N - a new story

Hi my readers.

I am glad that you liked this story . I really hope you felt a connection with Eva and Ethan.

When I was writing their story , I , myself fell in love with them. So I decided to bring the sequal of this story in October.

Please checkout my new story on d……