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Forever His

Lightdxlan Paranormal

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"I, Slate Black, reject you, Sarah Reynolds, as my mate and Luna." He said without emotion in his eyes.

I never thought I would have to hear those words. Those three words that demolish me. I reject you. Those three words ripped me apart. Those three words killed me.

I felt my heart tear apart when they left his lips, but I stood strong and tall. "I, Sarah Reynolds, accept your rejection." I replied flipping my hair in his face and stormed out of the dining hall, up the stairs.

Barging into my room, I grabbed a bag and dumped my clothes inside, quickly grabbing my phone and all the cash stashed under my bed. Emotions rushed through me so fast, I nearly felt the wind being knocked out of me.

Suddenly I stopped and fell to my knees, warm tears rolling endlessly down my cheeks as my wolf Alex, whimpered in agony.

"We need to leave. We need to leave now." I sniffled, walking towards the window and pulling it open. "And never look back."

'Wait. Did you hear that?" Alex asked, her voice still shaky.

'What is it, Alex?" I asked whipping my tears away as I climbed up on the window seal.

'It came from you. A heartbeat. But it's not yours." Alex said slowly and I froze.

Sarah Reynolds is a sassy, fun loving, caring and strong hearted girl who believed that every twisted thing in her life had been taken care of when she met her mate. Slate Black.

But everything goes south, Sarah's world is flipped upside down. Everything about her life is undeniably negative, but when something finally turns out to be positive, it's not at all what she expected.

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