Stolen Fate

Aimee Jake Riley Romance

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Jane and Aaron grew up in an orphanage. Aaron was Jane's hero. But one day, they received news that Aaron is the missing grandchild of Cliff Chapman, the patriarch of the powerful Chapman empire. Soon, Aaron returned to his family while Jane was adopted by a middle-class couple.

Though she lived a difficult life, Jane is smart and manages to get a scholarship in a university for the elite. There, she meets Aaron again and they fell in love.

However, Aaron's father, Charles, controls his every move and his grandfather will never allow him to marry someone outside of their social class. Then Aaron discovers that Charles only made it appear that he was the missing heir, so he can use him to gain control of Cliff’s company.

Aaron vows to stop Charles and protect Jane. He will do everything to correct the mistakes of the past, and return to Jane what Charles had stolen from her—her life and her birthright as the real heiress of the Chapman empire.

In this epic tale of forbidden love, buried secrets, forged destiny and stolen fate, will love find a way to right a wrong and restore what has been broken?


Tags: BillionaireForbiddenFamilySecond ChancePowerfulHeirHeiressDramaTragedyBxG
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