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I looked at him again and found his eyes fixed on my neck. His jaw clenched as he started trailing his fingers on my neck, where his claim should be placed. My eyes instinctively shut from the tingling sensation his touch brought me.

Damn! I never thought the mate bond could be this strong!

Slowly, his head lowered to my neck. My closed eyes shut tight when the tip of his nose touched my skin. Damn it! I'm being drowned deep from the agitation we're sharing.

Aiden inhaled my scent and exhaled hard through his mouth, his breathe touched my skin once again and I can't contain my moans. The arms that wrapped my waist hold me even tighter. Another moan-like yelp came out of my throat.

"Your scent is so addicting.." he whispered on my neck. I hold my moans to myself when I felt the urge to.

Aiden sighed deeply before turning his back on me. My chest flared with pain with what he did.

"Won't you claim me?" I asked when I recollect my priorities which was to have my mate finish the mating process. Not the intimate part but at least he should start to claim me.

"I'm making myself as an exception into this tradition."

"You're not claiming me?!" My voice raised with shocked and frustration. I cannot believe him! Just when I needed him to do his part of the mating, he's being exasperating!

He turned his head to the side with his back still on me, not entirely facing me.

"I'll never put my claim on you."



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