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Have you ever tasted hurt and sorrow.

Hate and loss.

Love and pain.

An emotion so strong that the mind succums into darkness and forms the ultimate female ~ TRINITY.

~ Marshall ~

"Start acting like you are all part of the law inforcment, I want details on the table by tomorrow morning, his name, height, dislikes, likes, all his health records, family records and his f*****g background, this asshole has gone too far and he needs to know his f*****g place, we need to nail this son of a b***h as soon as possible," I yelled angrily as my men flinched.

"Do I make myself f*****g clear!" I screamed.

"Yes sir!" They answered loudly together.

"You are all dismissed," I said loudly then moved to my seat as my men quickly went out of my office.

Deep down I knew that it wasn't a man we were all looking for, it was a woman, as hard as it was to believe,
it really was a woman.

Her voice was firm and held no fear, although she was completely covered and masked, I could tell she was bold by her stance and the way she walked fiercely.

It really was a she, the more she messed with me, the more my feeling's became tangled.

Her every move and tease felt very familiar, it was like she was always one step ahead of us and she loved that.

Art credit : Yang chen


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