A Hundred Lifetimes


amazgladier Romance

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Having been alive for more than a hundred years, Shay was getting tired of endlessly living, dying, and waking up in a different body. That was until she met a peculiar man named Dorian—who lived in the rumored haunted mansion at the end of Cherry Lane—and she accidentally took on the form of his long-lost love, who happened to be dead for 122 years.


Tags: billionairerevengereincarnation/transmigrationfatedbxgmysteryvampirecityrebirth/rebornsupernaturalRebirth Fiction Writing Contest
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I woke up alone in my room with newfound clarity but tears in my eyes. I ended up crying for a good few minutes, mourning for my past life, and for what I knew was about to happen. It was finally clear to me what I should do in order to stop the cycle. I had to tell Dorian the hundred-year old truth that I’d been keeping to myself. But I knew I ……


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