My Perfect Mistress

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• My Perfect Mistress •

Lawrence came up with the thought that he had never really moved on. Especially when he saw his ex-girlfriend, Christinna. But he knew that it was too late to fix things between them because he was already married, having one son in that matter.

But was it really too late? Because considering all the signs, it looked like he wasn't the only one that was longing for another chance. Although, chances were too vague but still, he tried only to find that he just made his life way too complicated.

• My Perfect Mistress •

WARNING: This story contains scenes that not suitable for very young readers. Rated SPG!!

Read at your own risk.



• NightfallSirën_ ★★★


Tags: Love-triangleLove after MarriageKarma/DestinySensitiveBossMistressDramaTragedyBxG
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