Trapped: A Billionaire Romance (Love, Lust and Lies Series)

Yona Romes Billionaire

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"Please let go of me"
"Never, I will never let go of you. You belong with me. Forever"
Anitta Raynott had a dark past that nobody knew. She hid herself from the world, change her appearance and coaxed her life with lies. Anita was broken and had lost faith in life. But she couldn't give up now, she had a sister in the hospital to care for. She needed the money to save her little sister She believed that she would never get a normal and happy life again, not until she met Jared Dimitriou and became his fake girlfriend.

Jared Dimitrou was a dangerous man, nobody had ever defied and lied to him before. He was not a person to mess with, he was ruthless and mean in business and his personal life. His mom demanded him to find a girlfriend on his 25th birthday but he was helpless but to put up a temporary assistant position where he found Anitta. He didn't think she would drive him to sanity and leave him chasing after her. He would have his own ways to get her, control her and make her love him.


Tags: PossessiveContract MarriageFamilyLove after MarriageArrogantManipulativeBadboyDramaTwistedBxG
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