His Salvation (Completed)

RukiaCoe Romance

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Rose Jones thought that she had already overcome all the adversity in her life. She had a good job, a couple of friends, and a promising future with her fiancé Nick Harris.
However, her happiness is shattered when Nick passes away suddenly at the hands of another man. In walks David Jackson, the brother of the man who killed Nick and who will stop at nothing to make sure that no trouble comes to his family member.
With Rose caught in the crossfire, and David found that he wants to claim her as his own, what will happen as she tries to find out the truth of what really happened the day Nick died?


Tags: ForcedSadisticManipulativeBadboyPowerfulTycoonTragedyBxG
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David became a daddy. In addition to the regular meeting and major entertainment, he was working at home. When his daughter cried, he had to put down the important things in his hands. He was skillful at feeding his daughter, taking a bath, rubbing talcum powder and changing diapers. When David’s mother fir……