Luna Lillian

Quinn Vampire/Werewolf

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The Red Rose Pack had always been passionate and that shall be their downfall.
Alpha Nickolas of the Red Rose Pack, came from the perfect family. Raised to treat everyone equally. Love by everyone. He wasn't alluring and sexy like every other Alpha but he was quite charming.
When he was eight, he found a light brown kitty in the cold rain shivering towards death. Looking at her trembling as her breathing got weaker, his heart shattered into a million pieces.

They had been together for ten years.
She was his escape.
She understands him.
She loves him.
He loves her.
He would do anything for her - Lillian.
His little kitty.


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XXIX. Let's Go Mate

Lillian’s POV:

“So, you’re my Protector?” Nick ask Emma.

“Yup,” she smiles, spreading her arms outward. “Congratulations! You got one of the best Protector in existence!”

“You allow a little girl to stab me with a knife,” he rushes his hands up towards his hair. “Which reminds me, who is she again? I mean, she cannot ……