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'Who am I?'
That is the question Lizzie has been asking herself every day since she can remember. Literally.

Elisabeth Smith was 5 when she was found, with no memories of what happened before she ended in that sinister alley, in London. She was an orphan. Even with a possibility to start a relatively 'normal' life in the orphanage goes crumbling to pieces, for things are rarely ever normal when it comes to her. She soon becomes an outcast, all because of her strangely eery, though beautiful dreams. Dreams about Daleks, Cyberman and a man in a box.

But are these dreams true? Is the Doctor, the mad man from her dreams, real? That's what she thinks until she meets him. An encounter that, alas, does not last long. They will meet again years later, though, in her orphanage in the middle of the night. After finding out about her dreams, he promises her to come back, but will he really?

And, if he does, will Lizzie finally have her questions answered? About who she is, who her parents are and why they abandoned her? To have her wishes come true, Lizzie will have to travel through time and space, meet people and aliens, friends of the Doctor and even himself from the past.

But, mainly, what will happen when she falls in love with her childhood hero, the man from her dreams?

She'll to figure this all out as quickly as she can, for doesn't have much time left: with every second that passes, her end crawls closer and closer towards her...


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chapter two : blue

Days passed. 

So did weeks and months.

But every night, the man, the Doctor, came back in little Elizabeth's dreams.

And every time she would wake up in her bed, in the middle of the night and, hugging her pillow tightly to her chest as her only source of comfort, Lizzie Smith would cry.

She would bury her nose in th……