Fate's Bitch: First Bite

Maria Warren Erotica

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My name is Willow, a sex slave to the prince's adviser Orion. I've given myself up to him just for a chance to be closer to Ash, the prince of my dreams.

My prince has been summoned by the other kingdoms so we can band together and find a solution to the rising number of monster attacks.

I know Orion will try to stop me, but somehow, someway, I'm going to help Ash figure out a way to solve the problem and protect our kingdom from these demons of the night once and for all.

This is a 18+ only story mature situations abound, it is dark and it is explicit. Readers be warned


Tags: VampireDarkLove-triangleRapeForcedFriends to LoversPrinceDramaTwistedBxG
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Chapter Seventy-Four: New Life

I woke up nestled in the plush recliner with Adrian cuddled up close to me. I frowned and looked around to see Zoar sitting nearby his chin on his hands and staring hard at the wall. “Zoar?”

“You’re awake already? I didn’t expect that. How do you feel?”

I ran my tongue over my lips where Zoar’s taste still tickled my lips. “Better……