The Alpha's Chosen Mate


Cher Dayao LGBT+

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The new CEO seems to be too perfect to be real. Ms. Jaimie Wilson is the successor of her father's real estate empire. She's a gorgeous woman with raven black hair, drop-dead gorgeous, and also a young billionaire. Her looks will make any man fall for her. Cassandra Cruz is a woman but she is not an exemption!

She's a perfect woman and Cassie thought that her kind doesn't even exist. But aside from her dreamy looks and great personality, there's something off with that gorgeous and sexy billionaire. She can't shake off the strange feeling when she's around her. Either it's Jaimie or she's beginning to question her sexuality because of how beautiful this woman looks.

Just as when she thought that there's nobody who can match Jaime's perfection, another young CEO emerges. Unlike her lady boss, she's a self-made billionaire who just sprouted out of nowhere. Yuki is a businesswoman from Japan who went to her country and built another empire. She seems to also be making her way into her heart. Cassie is getting more confused about how she became attracted to these two beautiful women!

Little did she know that she's attracting these beautiful and successful lady CEOs not because of the land. She has been chosen by these two female alphas without her knowledge to become their mate. In her battle of doubting her sexuality, she will find out that both of them are werewolves! How can he even choose between them if she's having a crisis of her own?


Tags: alphalove-triangleindependentconfidentsweetgxghumorousmysteryoffice/work placeturning gayWerewolf/Billionaire LGBT+ Writing Contest Ⅱ
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Louis is right, they can get anywhere almost instantly. They can teleport anywhere as long as it’s still dark. She decided to ask Louis to allow her to do this on her own. He understood her to need to taste her revenge so he left her on her there.

She wants to make sure that all the werewolves will witness how she will kill the fem……