That Coffee Accident


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"I need you to write an article about our matchmaking article for our valentine's issue." He said in a controlled and authoritative tone.

I blinked, not expecting what I had heard. I felt that my heart just jumped out of my chest. All eyes are fixated on me and our "spawn-from-hell" boss, Dwayne Taylor. I cannot utter a single word. All I can do is to hold the hem of my blouse.

I was so sure that I look stupid, standing and looking at the mad yet perfect face of Dwayne. At that time, I knew that is definitely wrong to show myself in this meeting after I spilled my cup of hot americano on his Louis Vuitton coat at the elevator.

"Can you hear me, Ms?..." he asked me.

I felt myself came back after a girl employee sitting beside me nudged me harshly. I saw Dwayne's eyes became more intense by my mind flying outside.

"Uh... Eleanor, Sir."

I bit my lips and nodded my head. He fixed his coat as he swayed his swivel chair and tapped the table with his firm and manly hand.

"I want the draft by our valentine's issue on my table on the 20th. This is our last shot to prove my father of what is this company can do. I cannot accept failure. Especially you, Eleanor. One wrong move, and I will make your life miserable." he said every word with conviction.

It made me more nervous. I have never written an article myself! I was a literature student in college but after getting my diploma, all I do is to make coffee.

Oh, you stupid clumsy Eleanor! How can you make your life a mess just because a stupid coffee accident?


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