The Weaker Alpha - My Alpha Mate Series BK 1

Nekohara Mimi Vampire/Werewolf

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What would you do if your mate was someone that you couldn't love?
Would you fight for them? Would you do everything in your power to make them love you?
If you answered yes to all the questions, congratulations you're a lot more confident than our sweet Alpha.
Giselle was the sweetest and most shy girl that anyone could meet, and is not hard to imagine why a lot of people in her Pack didn't know that she could be their future Alpha, her kindness making Giselle keeping the promise to her mother alive, and the love for her mate hidden in her heart, as he was no one else than her Step-brother.
However, secrets can just stay as a secret for so long... And a Christmas morning would make sure to change her life in a new direction, the weak Alpha as her family and few Pack's members would call her could no longer stay in that way if she didn't want to lose everything, including her Mate.


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Chapter 3 - Present - Giselle  

Finishing everything that she needed to do, and noticing that she got twenty minutes to arrive at her job, Giselle was leaving the place when she stopped at the door...

"Don't worry about Eddie, I'll pick him up, as usual, today after work." She said to……