Slaves Of Love [Slaves of Seduction #2]

Iffu Winchester Romance

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For him it was a game,
For her it was love.
She left, he was broken.
But the distance made him realise his feelings for her.
She moved on in life, he repented.
She came back, he tried and mended.

But falling in love
And staying in love differ,
For with love comes jealousy,
possessiveness and expectations.
With love comes heart break and ego clashes.

They tamed their desires and fell in love in Slaves of Seduction,
Ready to witness a journey where they tame their egos, let go off their inhibitions and become Slaves Of Love?


Tags: PossessiveOpposites AttractSecond ChancePlayboyGoodgirlSensitiveBossSecretaryDramaBxG
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Author's note


I too was a reader before I started writing stories and hence I am well aware of how eagerly one waits for a story to be updated. I was intending to update Slaves of Love through out the month of September 2019, however something came up due to which I won't be able to post this story till 17th Nov ,2019.

I assure you I will resu……